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Honours and Awards

OBE, 2021 New Year's Honours List.

Professional Qualifications

Professional Activities

A sometime Science and Engineering Ambassador.

A sometime Industrial Assessor for BCS academic accreditation team.

Academic Qualifications

'A' Levels

Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

'O' Levels

Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Use of English, French, Woodwork, Latin

PhD Thesis "The mathematical modelling of the polymerisation of dienes in a continuous stirred tank reactor"

My PhD involved modelling the reactions involved in the manufacture of Styrene-Butadiene Rubber that is used in the manufacture of car tyres. This involved developing a numerical integrator for stiff Ordinary Differential Equations to solve the set of reaction equations. The programme developed adapted Gear's algorithm with sophisticated control algorithms for the step length and order used in performing the integration.

An unusual aspect of the approach to modelling the system was the use of Pearson Equations to calculate the moments of the chain length distributions rather than having an equation for each chain length. This reduced the number of equations to be integrated from several hundred to 4.