We started sailing through my daughter. She joined Sea Scouts in 1995 in Titchfield, where they were affiliated to Hill Head Sailing Club. The next season we joined as a family, and Naomi and I completed our RYA level 2 certificate (roughly equivalent to a driving license). To celebrate we bought an old Mirror dinghy for £300.

Naomi and David with the mirror

David and friend Eric in Hill Head Harbour

Naomi progressed quickly, and next season it was Lydia and David's turn to do their RYA course. We bought a Topper for Naomi, and a Laser, with both a full rig and a Radial rig, the latter for me initially, but now the children are more likely to sail it.

David sailing the Topper

David sailing the Topper

Naomi sailing the Laser in front of the clubhouse

Naomi sailing the Laser off Hill Head

Eventually in 1998 we sold the Mirror (for £300) and bought a Wayfarer (£2500).

Matthew and David sailing the Wayfarer

This was used mostly by Lydia and myself, and was our first boat with a spinnaker. At the beginning of 2000 we sold the Topper and bought a Buzz. This is a two man single trapeze open transom boat with an asymmetric spinnaker. It was mostly sailed by Naomi and David, but I have been allowed the odd sail.

Naomi and David sailing the Buzz

More Photographs:

Sue Vine and I sailing the Wayfarer at Hill Head 2003.

Naomi and James sailing the Buzz.

Me sailing the Laser in 2003.

When I retired from Shell I bought a yacht, a Dragonfly 920 Extreme, Wandering Glider. She is a trimaran and the picture below show her folded up in her original berth at Emsworth Yacht Harbour. More photos of Wandering Glider can be found here. With the children growing up and leaving home, we sold the dinghies as it became clear they were not being sailed.

Wandering Glider