Elsoms of Lincolnshire

The Elsoms of Lincolnshire -

Jottings of the Rev. Isaac Elsom

Commenced July 17, 1922


This was typed by Mr. Frederick West (my grandfather) in February, 1961 from the original in the possession of Miss Eveline S. Elsom, of "Stoneleigh", 47 Pinchbeck Road, Spalding.

To produce this html version, I have re-keyed the document from the copy my Grandfather made.

Matthew West

January 2004


The name 'Elsom' is by no means common. True, it is to be met with in London, in Staffordshire, and in several other counties, but comparatively speaking, the instances are rare. The name, however, may be found somewhat frequently in Lincolnshire, and, occasionally, just over the border. The compiler of these jottings has come across the name at Wisbech, (Cambs.), and at Hull, and Bridlington (Yorks.) and there are or have been Elsoms at Grimsby, Brigg, Gainsboro, Lincoln, Sleaford, Helpringham, Boston, Donnington, Wyberton and Cowbit. Also Clipsham in Rutland.

Addendum. In the Lincolnshire Free Press of June 5, 1923, was an account of a cricket match between a team representing Clipsham and another. In the Clipsham team were four players bearing the name of Elsom!

The Elsoms of Boston